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Grand Rapids City Store

Grand Rapids City Store

While stumbling around the official City of Grand Rapids website I found out that the city has its own online store! The website, located here offers shirts, sweatshirts, caps, pens, and other fun items all branded with the official Grand Rapids city logo.

Check out the selection, order yourself something nice, and be proud to be a Rapidian!

The always amazing YMCA White Elephant Sale!

The always amazing YMCA White Elephant Sale!

It Happens Only Once A Year!
The always amazing YMCA White Elephant Sale!
Friday, April 29
($5 admission from 8 to 9:30 AM, Free 9:30 AM to 8 PM)
and Saturday, April 30
(Free: 9 AM to 3 PM)
Same location as last year:
3450 Plainfield Avenue, NW . . . Half-mile north of I-96
Every single item will be sold in just two days!  It has taken our YMCA Service Club FOUR MONTHS to haul everything into this huge building!   Past customers know . . .

Splurge, an awesome Salon

Splurge, an awesome Salon

If you are looking for a great haircut or style, then the Splurge Salon in Grand Rapids is the place for you.  The salon is located at 1140 Monroe NW just a hop and a skip from the corner of Leonard & Monroe in a small strip mall behind Sheldon Cleaners.

Kristin Hollebeek is the gal I have been going to for years and she does an awesome job each and every time I go for a cut. Call the salon for an appointment with her at 616-726-2300.

The salon also offers other services such as nails, massages, etc. You will love the décor that offers a very relaxing atmosphere and the friendliness of everyone who works there.

Literacy Center Needs Volunteers

Information from the Literacy Center of West Michigan: 

Literacy Center of West Michigan Executive Director Susan Ledy announced that the Literacy Center is in dire need of volunteers to tutor learners participating in the Center’s literacy programs.  The Literacy Center matches each learner with a tutor who guides them through the literacy program and ensures successful achievement of the learner’s goals.  There is currently a waiting list of over 50 learners waiting to be matched with a tutor.

The Literacy Center is located at 1120 Monroe NW, Suite 240 in Grand Rapids.

“Our tutors are a vital part of the Literacy Center. They give the students additional attention and direction while matriculating through our literacy programs,” commented Ledy.


“As National Volunteer Week approaches, we hope that our Grand Rapids community will consider becoming a tutor.

G-Sync - At The Intersection of Houston and Portland

G-Sync - At The Intersection of Houston and Portland

From Rapid Growth:

Numerous studies tell us that as oil prices rise, major population shifts begin. But most importantly, our personal transportation choices are subject to change -- especially in urban areas.

If you have traveled abroad, then you know very well what cities have excellent public transportation and you know which ones don't.

The lack of good public transportation is why you get a Houston, but once in a while, you get a Portland. Successful public transportation all comes down to planning.

The United Nations conducted a worldwide population study a few years ago, showing that by the year 2030, our urban centers will contain the vast majority of population growth. People will be migrating back to the cities because essential services are best served in dense regions.

While the mega-cities will grab plenty of headlines and people, the significant new growth will be happening within the smaller cities.