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A closer look at cougars

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WZZM) -- Last night we told you about Connie Venroy a woman who claims she saw a cougar in her back yard.

A cougar is the fourth largest cat in the feline family. It is between 24 and 35 inches tall at the shoulder, and a little less than eight feet long. A male cougar can weigh up to 220-pounds.

Your average house cat is about nine to ten-inches high, eighteen-inches in length, and averages about 11-pounds.

Cougars sightings are on the rise in Michigan.

Dan Malone, Animal Manager at John Ball Zoo says, "There's been more sightings of cougars-- reputable sightings in Michigan."

But Malone says don't be too worried-- "Cougar attacks on people are very rare. In last 100 years there have been 100 attacks of people and that's in North America. Most are in California or Canada. I'm not aware of any in Michigan in the last 100 years."

New book centers on cat set on fire

GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM)-  A cat that was set on fire then left for dead is getting his own book.

In July of 2009, investigators say someone poured accelerant on the back of Hadley the cat, then set him on fire.  Unable to cover the consequent medical bills, Hadley’s owners gave him up to the Humane Society of West Michigan.   The non-profit organization found a home for Hadley in June of this year.. 

Since then, his owners have set up a Facebook page for him.  According to that Facebook page, Hadley’s story will be published, “to educate people and save many other animals.”

Pet Paparazzi: Send us your pics!

Pet Paparazzi: Send us your pics!

Calling all residents, we want your pet photos! Send us your pet's cutest, silliest, craziest photo and it may make it on your city's community site. The more creative, the better! Make sure you include your name and the name of your pet along with their breed, your city of residence and, if you like, add a caption.

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