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Chrysanthemums have arrived at Meijer Gardens | Arts & Culture

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Chrysanthemums have arrived at Meijer Gardens
Chrysanthemums have arrived at Meijer Gardens

GRAND RAPIDS TOWNSHIP, MI - It’s a celebration of all things chrysanthemum, as only Meijer Gardens can create. This extensive exhibition is the largest of its kind in Michigan, bringing thousands of these flowering fall favorites to our interior and exterior venues. Chrysanthemums and More! widens last year’s spectrum of color and creativity. “This year is all about bold ribbons of color,” excites Director of Horticulture Steve LaWarre. “We’re painting with plants, and nothing gives a cleaner brush of color than a chrysanthemum grouping. It’s quite extraordinary.”

Color takes center stage with traditional chrysanthemum yellow providing a comforting continuum to the otherwise striking variety of displays exhibited from garden to garden. The Grace Jarecki Seasonal Display Greenhouse is the focal point of the visual feast inside, showcasing new patterns and designs in walls of chrysanthemum color, chrysanthemum spheres and beds of colorful plantings. Bountiful blooms also will be found in the Victorian Garden Parlor, Lena Meijer Tropical Conservatory and Scenic Corridor, among other garden areas.

The exhibit runs through October 28.

Taste of the Gardens Café features seasonal specials for dinners on Tuesday nights, with some ingredients coming from our own Michigan’s Farm Garden, as available.

Source:  www.Meijergardens.org